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Staffan Widstrand

About us

At present Rewilding Sweden is active in the far north of Sweden. Here we are rewilding streams and bogs, supported by grants from the Swedish Postcode Lottery. Our legal name is Insamlingsstiftelsen Rewilding Europe – Sweden, but we call ourselves Rewilding Sweden. Press here for the foundation statutes.


Magnus Sylvén


Magnus started out as a young field biologist, studying biology and gaining a doctorate degree in ecology from Lund University. He was formerly Head of the Conservation Unit at WWF Sweden and Head of the Europe/Middle East Programme at WWF International. As one of the founders of Rewilding Europe, he is engaged in the integration of nature, climate and sustainable food production.

Frans Schepers

Frans Schepers is Managing Director of Rewilding Europe and one of its co-founders. He graduated in forestry, land and water management and worked at WWF Netherlands for many years, where he was responsible for the organisation’s international programmes. Over the course of his career he has specialised in the development of conservation strategies, freshwater and species conservation, ecological networks, protected areas and rewilding approaches.

Roger Olsson

Roger is a journalist specialising in nature and the environment and has written several books. He was formerly editor-in-chief of Sweden’s largest nature and environment magazine. Roger has had a longstanding involvement with the Swedish environmental movement, firstly with the Swedish non-profit organisation Fältbiologerna, and then as a member of the national board of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and as chairman of the Swedish Carnivore Association.


Lars-Anders Baer

Lars-Anders is a lawyer educated at Uppsala University, a reindeer herder, and a board member of the Sami Party at Sametinget. He is a former chairman of Sáminuorra, chairman of Svenska Samernas Riksförbund/Swedish Sami Federation, and chairman of the Sameland Party. He was a board member of the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples between 2000 and 2010, and chairman of the Working Group for Indigenous Peoples in the Barents region.

Lena Maria Lindén

Founder – and for several years CEO – of Nordens Ark. Board member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, as well as a board member of Station Linné and Mid Sweden University. Honorary fellow of the Natural Science Faculty of Gothenburg University. Member of the Supervisory Board of Rewilding Europe.

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Annual report 2022
Annual report 2022
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