Rewilding in practice

Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

Rewilding in practice

Our strategies

Solvin Zankl / Rewilding Europe

Wilder nature

A Natural landscape are the result of a dynamic interaction between animals and plants, physical conditions, and the movement of water – this means they are constantly evolving. Rewilding is about making room for this dynamic in forests, streams, wetlands and grazed landscapes.

When a beaver fells a tree over a stream, a pond is created where insects and fish can thrive. This attracts birds, which release droppings with seeds, leading to the growth of more trees. These trees help to regulate flooding during heavy rains. This is just one example among myriad others of the interconnectedness of nature and the benefits of wildlife.

Staffan Widstrand

The return of wildlife

The return of wildlife is an important part of rewilding. All animals play an important ecological role, regardless of their position in the food chain. Measures such as increased protection and reintroductions have seen some animal species make a welcome comeback in Europe in recent decades.

With appropriate measures and increased tolerance by people, native wild animals can increase in numbers and spread to new areas. Most European ecosystems could support far greater numbers of wild animals, so major challenges remain.

We want to help local communities benefit from the return of wildlife, for example through nature-based tourism. Finding ways to live alongside wildlife is also about measures to reduce conflict and damage.

Staffan Widstrand

Income from nature

Rewilding Sweden wants to create opportunities for new jobs and income in rural areas. Swedish nature-based tourism companies have come a long way from a European perspective, but there is potential for far more growth. We believe it is time for a change.

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Susan Wright / Rewilding Europe

Interest in the wild

Effective communication is necessary for change. We hope more people will be fascinated by nature, rejoice in its beauty, and see the opportunities for a wilder Europe. Our partner organisation, Rewilding Europe, has already captured hearts and minds with its inspiring message. “Europe’s New Wild”, a documentary series about rewilding in Europe, has been recently co-produced by Rewilding Europe and broadcast by Nat Geo Wild and other international distributors.

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