Team leader for Swedish Lapland & Director of Rewilding Sweden

We are looking for someone who loves wild nature and the outdoors and who can build and lead a new organisation for rewilding nature in northern Sweden. Together with a small team, you will oversee ambitious plans for rewilding streams, rivers, wetlands, peatlands and forests. You will also develop new partnerships, engage stakeholders, and design, fundraise and pilot new ideas that benefit nature, the climate and people. You need to have strong will to rewild nature – to restore ecosystems – and a capacity to lead and organize activities together with many different stakeholders. If you have a background in ecology and conservation or natural resources management, are a good communicator in Swedish and English, and have a network in the nature conservation field in Sweden, don’t hesitate to apply. Please read more here.

Rewilding Officer for Swedish Lapland at Rewilding Sweden

Rewilding rivers, forests, peatlands and wetlands connects the greatest challenges of our time: to increase biodiversity and at the same time address climate change. You will be the one to get it done out in the field, connecting with landowners, entrepreneurs, and authorities to restore nature in northern Sweden. You need to love being out in the field but also have to be creative with new ideas to start new rewilding projects together with a diverse range of partners, working closely with Rewilding Sweden’s team leader and other colleagues. If you have a background in ecology, have been working for authorities (Länsstyrelsen) or as a consultant for a few years and are now ready for a creative role, don’t hesitate to apply to work in a team with strong international connections.

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